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Extra-Large Electrode Gel Pads

The HiDow XL Electrode Gel Replacement Pads are reusable and have a premium thick layer of gel that lasts longer than most standard pads and provides a smooth, comfortable stim experience.

Universally compatible with all HiDow devices and any stim device with a 3.5mm snap.


  • Two 3 ½” x 1 ¾” Pads


  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY – Designed to fit muscle stimulation machines with 3.5mm snap connectors.
  • REUSABLE – These pads have a thick, long lasting layer of gel that can be used multiple times for optimal relief from discomfort. Simply use the protective plastic film and resealable package to keep your pads fresh and clean.
  • SELF-ADHESIVE – A thick, high quality surface gel ensures a strong and comfortable long lasting hold on your skin. Affix to your arm, leg, back, chest or shoulder with ease!
  • SAFE SNAP ELECTRODES: Our electrodes pads have superior conductivity with latex-free gel, non-irritating to your skin, perfect for daily pain management and physical therapy
  • COMFORTABLE– With a latex-free design and soft cloth backing, each TENS/EMS electrode pad is constructed to move naturally with your body, providing a solution to common therapeutic discomfort.
  • GREAT FOR: Sore muscles, back pain, stiff neck, aching joints, sensitive skin

WEIGHT: 0.8 oz

DIMENSIONS: 3.5 x 1.75 in

Two Gel pads are in each set.

When Should You Replace Your Electrodes?

  • When they no longer stick to the skin.
  • When intensity settings feel weaker.
  • When the sensations are no longer comfortable.
  • When the adhesive gel is contaminated with dust, dirt, or hair that can’t be cleaned away.

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